My name is Amy.

I am a bereaved mother and qualified medical negligence solicitor who wishes to turn her tragedy into something positive.

I understand the all-consuming and gut-wrenching pain of losing a baby. I also have the necessary legal skills to assist you having worked on stillbirth claims since qualification.

My eldest daughter, Arella, was tragically taken from me before her first breath at 39 weeks gestation on 30 June 2012. Not a day goes by when I do not think of Arella, who she would have been nor the impact her loss has had on my life.

I cannot imagine the additional emotions and extra layers of grief caused by the hospital potentially being at fault. Nor can I imagine having to pick up the phone and speak to a Solicitor during such a dark time in your life.

My strong and genuine desire to assist other bereaved parents is one of the legacies my eldest daughter has left me.

The firm I work for, Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors, has represented many bereaved parents and the Clinical Negligence Department are therefore, sadly, very experienced solicitors in dealing with these tragic Stillbirth and Neonatal death cases. I work with a very special group of people. The support they showed me following my return to work (after losing Arella) was exceptional. They are not only lawyers, they are real people. It is through my experience that their understanding of stillbirth and neonatal death has been heightened.

I understand that no amount of money can ever bring back your precious baby back. Nor will a hospital apology and/or promise to make changes eradicate the pain.

However, if you have a suspicion that the hospital were in any way to blame for the death of your baby, I urge you to contact me before it is too late.

You have nothing to lose by contacting a Solicitor about your possible Stillbirth claim or Neonatal Death claim – you are in control one of the several “what ifs” that plague your mind after the loss of a baby.

As well as being passionate about assisting others, I also have a keen desire to make a change to raise awareness and help lower the UK’s appallingly high stillbirth and neonatal death rate. I believe that I am in a strong position to do this given my legal and personal experience.

After losing Arella, I wrote to various health professionals and medical organisations and managed to make contact with a journalist. Here is the link to the article that was published in The Independent in March 2013: CLICK TO GO TO THE INDEPENDENT ARTICLE FEATURING AMY BENNETT ABOUT STILLBIRTH

I hope that this website will be of use to you in helping to answer some of your preliminary questions about Stillbirth and Neonatal Death claims.

For more information about how the medical negligence lawyers at Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors can help you with Stillbirth and Neonatal Death claims please click here.


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