SANDS United: The Team for Bereaved Fathers

How amazing (yet sad) is this idea? A football team comprised of bereaved fathers, supporting each other both on and off the pitch. I also love how each father has their babies name emblazoned on their shirt.

It’s such a wonderful idea on so many levels that no wonder the idea has taken off in the UK (and beyond).

Why is it so amazing?

Firstly, so often, fathers are left to grieve alone with the focus being on the mother. I know this from my own experience. Dad’s of stillborn babies and those who die shortly after birth grieve too. My husband and I always grieved differently but always as one. Football is a hobby of many men and I think it’s wonderful that there is an outlet available to grief with like minded people whilst playing a sport. Nobody understands the pain of losing a baby unless they have experienced it themselves. It must be such a cathartic experience to do something that you enjoy (playing football) with people who have walked in similar shoes to you.

Men’s well being and mental health is as important as a woman’s. Yes the experience between a mother and father in respect of losing a child is very different but Dad’s hurt too. Many often shy away from professional support and SANDS United gives them an outlet that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Secondly, I think the concept of a SANDS football team is fab because it’s something to do in your child’s memory. It is a vehicle through which is remember them and to keep their precious memory alive.

Can you tell that I love this idea?

Well done Robert Allen. A massive thumbs up!

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