Stillbirth isn’t Hereditary According to Scientists

Following a study of 26,000 mothers and daughters, no link was found between a mothers’ history of stillbirth and their daughters. Previous evidence had suggested that placental insufficiency was hereditary.

Personally, its very reassuring to read that stillbirth isn’t hereditary. I very occassionally think about what i’d do if my own daughters went on to suffer the heartbreak that I had to endure. It’s comforting to read that a genetic link has not been found to be a cause of stillbirth. I’m hoping that this will keep any anxiety at bay.

The University of Aberdeen ran the research project which was conducted in Scotland. No link was established between a mothers’ history of stillbirth and stillbirth in their daughters.

It’s so good to read about this study, to know that money is being given to Universities for research into stillbirth and neonatal death. It’s very hard for anybody wanting to carry out research into stillbirth or neonatal death to get the project off the ground due to a lack of available funding.

More studies please! The more research that is carried out, the more we can better understand stillbirth and neonatal death and the better positioned we will be to lower or stillbirth and neonatal death rate.

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